About Grove Ventures

We empower early-stage companies to shape the future of the world through cutting-edge technology. We believe that people are the heart of every accomplishment. We treat people with respect, honesty and transparency. This applies to the entrepreneurs we engage, our investment partners, and our investors. We are here to create outsized returns through generating value. We believe that solving critical problems is rewarded by financial outcomes.
We have deep understanding and experience with technology solutions. We understand the journey, difficulties, and the risks of technology heavy companies. We have personally executed full cycles of design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of such solutions. We have the know-how, the relevant partner network that can accelerate the way to success and the experience required to support and guide companies throughout that journey.
We work hand in hand with management teams, providing them with the support needed to become global market leaders. We act as a compass for them from inception through growth, across strategy and execution.